Since 1974

Upcoming Performance:  August 23-26, 2018

The Texas 'Deep-Fried'

Enchilada Western

Join us in the third installment of the AZTLAN Enchilada Western, a delicious interpretive Choreo-drama based in borderlands myths.  

The Story.....

In Texas 'Deep-Fried,' the Dancing Desperados dodge the danger of rattlesnakes, cactus, coyotes and the brutal Texas sun - only to confront their ultimate adversary, the legendary Tampico Tonic vendor.  Lured by the infinitesimal properties of his magical potion, the Desperados question what is real, and not.  They discover the Tonic Vendor is the fabled dark Rinche, the gatekeeper of the in-between realms of life and death.  Aided by the Shaman-seer, the Desperados slither, pulsate, and make bold leaps forward in order to resolve the tragic myth that birthed the moon and the stars.  Once the truth is known, the Desperados, do what they do best - bring justice and order to the land through sizzling flurries of dance.  

It's the Texas 'Deep-Fried' Enchilada Western, y'all!



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